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3101 McLoughlin Drive
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (541) 842-3730
Fax: (541) 842-1754
Contact: Patti Frazier, Principal
Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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Health Services

IMMUNIZATIONS: State law requires that children entering Oregon School for the first time be immunized against measles (Rubella), polio diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus. The law requires that students entering kindergarten have the following immunizations:

DPT - 5 doses, unless. . .

  • the 4th dose was received at or after 4 years of age in which case the student is complete with 4 doses; or
  • the first dose of DPT was received after the first birthday and the third dose was received after the student's fourth birthday, the students is complete with 3 doses; or
  • the third dose was received after age 7, then the student is complete with 3 doses.

Polio - 4 doses, unless . . .

  • the third dose was given at or after the fourth birthday, in which case the student is complete with 3 doses.

Measles - 2 doses, first dose must be received at or after 12 months of age.
Rubella - 2 doses, first dose must be received at or after 12 months of age.
Mumps - 2 doses, first dose must be received at or after 12 months of age.

Hepatitis B - All kindergartners and those entering the public school system for the first time must have started the series of three doses prior to starting school.

Immunizations and examinations may be obtained at the Jackson County Health Department. Religious exemptions will be respected if the appropriate forms are signed. Please inquire in the office.

MEDICATION AT SCHOOL: All requests for medication to be dispensed to a student at school shall be made in writing by the parent Medication forms are available in the school office. Requests shall include written instructions from the physician for the administration of prescription medication and written instructions from the parent for administration of prescription and nonprescription medication (including cough drops and eye drops). A prescription label will be sufficient to meet the requirements for written physician instructions. All medication must be sent in its original container. Students should not bring hand sanitizer to school unless the parent sends written instructions that it is needed for a medical condition.

STAYING IN FOR RECESS: When a child is recovering from an illness, we cannot keep the child in during recess. Children cannot be left unsupervised in the classroom. If a child is too ill to go out, s/he is too ill to be at school.

FIRST AID EMERGENCIES: First aid for minor injuries will be given at school. In case of more serious accidents or sudden illness, the parent if notified. It is essential that the emergency call number be in the office and that it be up-to-date.

The school cannot:

  1. treat skin diseases such as impetigo, poison oak, etc.
  2. treat pink eye
  3. administer any remedy such as aspirin, etc.
  4. diagnose illness

All cases of skin infections must have an admission permit from the physician or health department

HEAD LICE: Students with live lice or any nits (head lice eggs) in their hair will be sent home for treatment and removal of nits. The student may be readmitted with a statement from a parent/guardian that initial treatment of the following has been initiated: use of pediculocide; removal of nits; and treatment of household items.  Before being readmitted to school, their head must be checked in the office and approval given by authorized school personnel.   Students with live lice in their hair will be sent home for further treatment.

SCHOOL NURSE: We share a nurse with several other schools. She is scheduled to be at A.L.E. occasionally. If you need to discuss health issues with her, it is wise to call and we'll make an appointment or have her call you.

549C Medford School District

Medford School District 549C Mission Statement
We are a high quality teaching and learning organization dedicated to preparing all students to graduate with a sound educational foundation, ready to succeed in post-secondary education, and to be contributing community members.

Medford Public Schools 549C recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society and our community. It is the policy of the Medford School Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
For District Federal Title Program compliance, please contact the Office of Federal Programs: (541) 842-3633
For District Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act compliance, please contact the Office of Special Education & Student Services: (541) 842-3628
For District American Disabilities Act compliance, please contact the Office of Human Resources: (541) 842-3625

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