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3101 McLoughlin Drive
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (541) 842-3730
Fax: (541) 842-1754
Contact: Patti Frazier, Principal
Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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General Information

PARTIES: There are 3 district approved room parties each year for the following occasions:  Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.  Parties are held in the classrooms and supervised by teachers and room parents.

Halloween costumes are only allowed to be worn by Kindergarten and 1st grade students for their serpentine.  All other grades will not wear costumes at school, except during the actual classroom party.  Costumes need to be appropriate for a school setting with guns, swords, blood, etc. reserved for your home parties only.

The County Health Department prohibits the distribution of homemade food items at schools.  All food provided at parties must be commercially prepared.

PARTY INVITATIONS: In order to prevent heartbreaking situations with private parties, NO PARTY INVITATIONS whatsoever are to be distributed at school.  This means birthday, slumber, and any such party held in a private home.

We prohibit individual birthday parties at school to save the embarrassment and disappointment of those who cannot afford one, or are not invited.  Kindergarten class treats are the exception to this rule as they do not participate in Birthday Cupcakes 1st - 6th receive (once a mont) in the cafeteria.

NO FLOWERS/BALLOONS DELIVERED: Please do not have flowers or balloons delivered to your child at school.

ATTENDANCE: Regular school attendance is very important.  Frequent absences can contribute to difficulties in learning and create emotional strain for the students.  Only during emergencies and ill health should children be absent.  When an absence is necessary, a parent should call the school between 7:15 and 8:00 a.m.  If the office is closed you may leave a message on the answering machine.

ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Students are marked tardy if they are not in their classroom seats after the 7:50 a.m. bell. (When the mornintg music starts... students are tardy)  Students will be given a half day morning absence if they miss any 2.5-hour block of time during the day. Students who are checked out before 1:00 p.m. will receive a half day afternoon absence.  Any student who is late to school or is checked out early from school cannot receive perfect attendance.

DELAYS OR CLOSURES:  If it's necessary to delay the starting time of the school day, or a day closure due to inclement weather, severe fog, or slippery roads, it will be announced on our local radio and TV stations starting at approximately 6:00 a.m.  Please do not send your child to school during these times as the staff is also included in the delays or closures and there will be no supervision for the children.

CHECKING STUDENTS IN/OUT OF SCHOOL:  In the event a student must leave school during the day, parents should send a note or call the office.  If someone other than a parent is to pick up a student, the parent must contact the school beforehand.  All students are to be checked out through the office.  Students should do the same exit procedure each day.   If there is a change to daily procedures, please send a written note to school to be given to the classroom teacher/office with a parent signature included.

TARDINESS:  Students arriving after the tardy bell rings at 7:50 a.m., will be marked tardy by their teacher.  Children who arrive late do not receive all the instruction.  Being in school, and on time, is very important.

VISITORS:  All visitors must check in at the office.  Those who are approved will be given a visitor pass to wear while on school grounds.

NEWSLETTER:  The Lion Tales newsletter will be sent home with students everyother week in each child's Friday Folder.  It is used to communicate important information to parents.

TELEPHONE USE:  If it is necessary to reach your child at school, the school secretaries will do their best to relay messages to students.  Student use of the telephone is discouraged.  Students will be allowed to use the phone only when the teacher believes it is necessary.

Calling parents to make last minute arrangements to go home with a friend does not qualify.  Social plans after school should be made at home.

FRIDAY FOLDERS:  Every student will have a folder every Friday.  It will contain lots of important information and finished student work.  Please read the materials and review them with your child, sign the folder, and return it on Monday.

LIBRARY MATERIALS:  The Media Center is designed to encourage student use.  However, it is important that students return books to the library by their due date.  While children will not be assessed fines for late books, they will not be allowed to check out new ones until all late books are returned.  Students who lose books will be asked to pay the replacement cost of the book.

LEAVING FOR LUNCH:  A student may leave campus and go home for lunch if a note is sent to the office signed by the parent giving the student permission.  The note may cover the entire school year or specific dates.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY SCORING GUIDE: The following guide is used to give the Personal Accountability Grade.

  • 6 - Demonstrates exemplary mastery of the skill.
  • 5 - Shows strong, consistent mastery of the skill.
  • 4 - usually shows effective mastery of the skill.
  • 3 - Student shows inconsistent use of the skill.
  • 2 - Student seldom demonstrates use of the skill.
  • 1 - Student shows no evidence of this skill.
  • N - The student "Needs to improve" in this sub skill area.

WORK MISSED DUE TO ILLNESS:  When a student is absent one day s/he should get the missed work when s/he returns to school.  Parents may request homework in the morning when a student is absent two or more days.  Teachers will try to have homework ready by dismissal time on the day requested.  Work will be left in the office for the parent to pick up.

HOMEWORK/FINISHWORK POLICY:  Regular homework assignments will be made by teachers. Such assignments contribute positively to the child's learning.

1st through 6th Graders:

Homework will be assigned on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. No homework will be planned on Fridays or during holidays.  Homework will be 10 minutes a day multiplied by the student's grade level:

1st Grade 10 Minutes Four Days per Week
2nd Grade 20 Minutes Four Days per Week
3rd Grade 30 Minutes Four Days per Week
4th Grade 40 Minutes Four Days per Week
5th Grade 50 Minutes Four Days per Week
6th Grade 60 Minutes Four Days per Week

This does not apply to "Finishwork".  Every child is responsible for finishing his/her assignments at home if they are not completed within a reasonable time at school.  Kindergarten: There is no specific homework policy for kindergarten.  Kindergarten teachers will assign homework as needed.

AFTER SCHOOL CHILD CARE:  The Rogue Valley YMCA provides an after school child care program for students on site at Abraham Lincoln Elementary.  Information pamphlets are available in the office, or you may call the YMCA at 772-6295.

CLASSROOM INTERRUPTIONS:  We ask that you help us reduce classroom interruption by observing the following:

  1. If you wish to deliver a child's lunch or homework please bring it to the office properly identified. Please do not take it to the classroom while class is in session.  We will get it to the child for you.
  2. Avoid, last minute instructions given to students about where to go after school.  We can't always get the information to students at the end of the day.

UPDATING THE OFFICE:  Please notify the school immediately if there is a change in your address, home and work phone numbers, babysitter, emergency contact person, or other vital information.

STUDENT PLACEMENT:  The placement of students in the various classrooms is a task we take very seriously.  It is a professional responsibility which is very important, time consuming, and which requires much thought and planning on the part of the staff.  Many factors are taken into consideration when assigning students to classes.  These factors include the instructional needs of each child, a balance of total numbers, equalizing the boy/girl ratio, conflict avoidance, etc.  There is no one factor which will alone determine placement.

We appreciate the fact that parents have valuable information about their children that will aid us in making a placement decision.  Therefore, if parents would like to have input regarding their student's placement, a form will be available in the school office from after spring vacation until approximately May 7th.  Requests will be considered, but the principal has the final placement responsibility.

PAGERS/CELL PHONES:  School Board Policy prohibits students from having pagers or cellular phones on while at school.  Cell phones can be used before or after school only.  Cell phones need to be turned off and left in a students backpack or in their cubby.

ANIMALS/PETS:  Pets or other animals should not be brought to school without obtaining permission from the student's teacher.  Pets should be kept away from high student population areas, e.g. the school entryway (pillar area), and office area, before and after school.

MOVING TO ANOTHER SCHOOL:  Parents are asked to call or send a note to school a few days before they wish to withdraw their child from school.  This facilitates having information ready to send with you to your child's new school.  If you are moving during the summer, please notify the office before school is out.

CONFIDENTIALITY AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION:  As per federal and state law, all information about a student, other than directory information, is confidential and is not to be given out without an educational "need to know."

Directory information as defined by law, includes student's name, address, telephone number (unless unlisted), age, awards received, and grade assignment.  This information may be given to persons deemed to have a legitimate interest unless specifically prohibited by parent request on an annual basis.  Applicable examples include giving class lists, including listed phone numbers, to room mothers, and listing award recipients in school newsletters, etc.

Non-custodial parents are deemed as having the right to all information about their child, unless there are court orders to the contrary.  Copies of report cards and conferences will be furnished to a non-custodial parent upon request.

LEGAL NAMES OF STUDENTS:  Parents may request that their children go by any name they wish. However, the child's legal name must be noted on official school records in addition to the "go by" name. We would also appreciate listing of any other names the child has gone by in the past.  This makes locating past records much easier.

CLASSROOM VISITORS POLICY:  All visitors to Abraham Lincoln Elementary must first check in at the office and receive a Visitor's Pass.  All students must be checked in and out through the office.


  1. We welcome parents who want to visit their child's classroom provided that prior approval is obtained from the teacher.  Please call in advance to make arrangements. (There are times during testing and lessons when visits would not be appropriate).
  2. The use of VIMS by teachers is voluntary.  There are some staff members who may choose to not have VIMS.
  3. Parents or the public who want to visit any class(es) in which they have no children, must have a legitimate reason and be escorted by the principal. or principal designee.


  1. Only children enrolled at Abraham Lincoln Elementary may attend classes, outdoor schools, or field trips.  There is no insurance coverage for the friends or relatives of our students who might want to visit.
  2. The pre-school ages children of VIMS may accompany their parent provided that permission is given by the teacher who is supervising the VIM.
  3. Children are not allowed in the staff hallway, staff break room, the staff workroom, or staff restrooms.

Bus Code of Conduct

In the interest of safe transportation students will be expected to treat others with dignity and respect, demonstrate safe behaviors and obey all school and bus rules the first time.

State Rules Governing Student Conduct (OAR 581-53-010)

  1. Pupils being transported are under authority of the bus driver.
  2. Fighting, wrestling, or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus.
  3. Pupils shall use the emergency door only in case of emergency.
  4. Pupils shall be on time for the bus both morning and evening.
  5. Pupils shall not bring animals, firearms, weapons, or other potentially hazardous material on the bus.
  6. Pupils shall remain seated while bus is in motion.
  7. Pupils may be assigned seats by the bus driver.
  8. When necessary to cross the road, pupils shall cross in front of the bus or as instructed by the bus driver.
  9. Pupils shall not extend their hands, arm, or heads through bus windows.
  10. Pupils shall have written permission to leave the bus other than at home or school.
  11. Pupils shall converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.
  12. Pupils shall not open or close windows without permission of driver.
  13. Pupils shall keep the bus clean, and must refrain from damaging it.
  14. Pupils shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow pupils, and passersby.
  15. Pupils who refuse to promptly obey the directions of the driver or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their privilege to ride on the buses.

Medford School District Rules

  1. Pupils shall ride the assigned bus.
  2. Pupils shall not throw objects.
  3. Pupils shall not damage the personal property of others.
  4. Pupils shall not possess and/or use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
  5. Pupils shall only transport on the bus those objects which will fit in their laps or under the seat.

549C Medford School District

Medford School District 549C Mission Statement
We are a high quality teaching and learning organization dedicated to preparing all students to graduate with a sound educational foundation, ready to succeed in post-secondary education, and to be contributing community members.

Medford Public Schools 549C recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society and our community. It is the policy of the Medford School Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
For District Federal Title Program compliance, please contact the Office of Federal Programs: (541) 842-3633
For District Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act compliance, please contact the Office of Special Education & Student Services: (541) 842-3628
For District American Disabilities Act compliance, please contact the Office of Human Resources: (541) 842-3625

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