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Medford School District 549c Extracurricular Code of Conduct



Revised August 2014


Welcome to Medford School District athletics. Our intention is to provide a positive connection for our students, parents/guardians and community with their schools. Through cooperation and commitment, we can achieve this goal.

We believe that athletic competition contributes to sound educational objectives when properly organized and  conducted. Our intent is to offer an educational athletic program while giving proper regard for the needs, capacities and welfare of all participants. Planning and organizing consistent with the goals and policies is necessary for our programs to be successful.

To fully utilize the potential of athletics for educational purposes, we conduct the secondary athletic program in accordance with the following standards:


School District 549C is committed to providing a positive and productive learning and working environment. Hazing, harassment, intimidation, menacing, or bullying by students, staff, or third parties is strictly prohibited and shall not be tolerated. Students participating in school related activities have a right to be safe and to be free of humiliation and intimidation. Refer to School Board Policy JFCF/GBNA and JHFCF/GBN-R for definitions and guidelines.


District 549C students who participate in athletics and/or activities will be required to pay an annual participation fee.* The fee for high school students participating in Athletics will be $75 per student/per sport. Students will be charged for a maximum of two sports per year, Athletics includes Cheerleading.
The fee for middle school students participating in Athletics will be $37.50 per student/per sport. Students will be charged for a maximum of two sports per year,
High school students participating in the Activity program (Drama, Debate, VICA, DECA, and FBLA) will pay a $50 one-time fee per year. There is no activity fee for middle school students.
(*see below for refund policy)


  1. Set policy standards in conjunction with the school board.
  2. Support site administrators in the implementation of policies.
  3. Defer administration of the policy to the respective leadership team responsible for that area whenever possible.
  4. If and when a need arises to mediate an issue, involve building administration and appropriate personnel during all phases of the mediation.
  5. Set expectations and then consistently enforce the expectations.
  6. Be honest and direct in communications with all populations.
  7. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Medford School District for athletic programs.
  8. Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.


  1. Develop a program for teaching and promoting the ideas and fundamentals of good sportsmanship within the school, the league, the conference, and the state.
  2. Provide appropriate supervisory personnel for each interscholastic event.
  3. Support participants, coaches, parents/guardians, and fans who teach and display good sportsmanship.
  4. Recognize exemplary behavior and actively discourage undesirable conduct by athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, fans and other administrators.
  5. Develop and enforce consequences for coaches, students, and adults who do not abide by established standards. Communicate problems with district leadership.
  6. Attend events whenever possible.
  7. Be a positive role model for coaches, students, parents/guardians, and fans.
  8. Strive to maintain positive communication between the school, coaches, athletes, parents/guardians, and community.
  9. When there are indications of problems through parent/guardian complaints, requests for meetings, etc., monitor coach’s communication with students and parents/guardians.
  10. Effectively implement the district’s athletic personnel evaluation system.
  11. Effectively utilize the district’s problem-solving process.
  12. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Medford School District for athletic programs.
  13. Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.


  1. Be a positive role model for fellow coaches and athletes.
  2. Encourage and inspire athletes to be the best person they can be by providing positive feedback and skill-building techniques.
  3. Teach, critique, and encourage. Use correction techniques that are not demeaning.
  4. Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community by displaying positive public actions.
  5. Effectively implement the district secondary athletic program according to established regulations, procedures, policy, and work rules.
  6. Integrate personal philosophies of athletics with the district philosophy of athletics and education.
  7. Model appropriate adult behavior and leadership. Be a positive role model for students and community.
  8. Participate in clinics, safety studies, and professional growth opportunities.
  9. Treat all participants of the inter-scholastic program equally with dignity and respect; i.e., students, coaches, parents/guardians, administration, spectators, and officials.
  10. Teach and enforce the local and state rules of eligibility, athletic codes, procedures, and other relevant district and state policies.
  11. Develop, maintain, implement, and evaluate sound program goals, training plans, practices, and procedures.
  12. Maintain a current knowledge of and abide by the current rules governing inter-scholastic athletics.
  13. Maintain effective communications with school and district administration, teachers, parents/guardians, students, booster clubs, media, and community organizations.
  14. Demonstrate loyalty to staff and programs within the district through cooperation, communication, and the encouragement of multi-sport athletes.
  15. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Medford School District for athletic programs.
  16. Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.


  1. Understand and support athletic programs and their expectations as defined in the Participation Standards for Medford School District athletics.
  2. Understand team rules, discipline, and technique corrections of students.
  3. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Medford School District for athletic programs.
  4. Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.
  5. Be a good role model for your sons and daughters by positively supporting teams.
  6. Leave coaching of the team, playing time, position, and placement on junior varsity or varsity to the head coach and staff.
  7. Respect opposing fans, officials, coaches, and participants.
  8. Approach coaches before, during, and after games with positive comments. Withhold negative comments regarding the game, athlete(s), or coaching until such time that the concern can be addressed in an atmosphere conductive to effective problem solving.


  1. Attend and positively participate in all scheduled practices.
  2. Follow directions as communicated by coach promptly and effectively.
  3. Participate positively in all skill, knowledge, and application exercises as assigned by the coach.
  4. Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community by displaying positive public actions.
  5. Accept authority and supervision in a positive manner at all times.
  6. Communicate effectively with the coach and teammates.
  7. Work  cooperatively  with  the  coach  and  team  members  as  a problem solver.
  8. Demonstrate loyalty to the school, coach, and the team.
  9. Treat fellow students, opponents, their fans, and adults with dignity and respect.
  10. Refrain from conversations that foster dissension.
  11. Respect the judgment and integrity of contest officials, abide by rules of the contest, and display appropriate behavior at all times.
  12. Be a positive role model for fellow athletes.
  13. Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the Medford School District for athletic programs.
  14. Avoid public displays of anger and/or displeasure.
  15. Successfully meet OSAA rules and regulations.
  16. Maintain passing grades.



In keeping with the district’s goal of teaching and demonstrating the highest levels of sportsmanship during the athletic contests, we expect fans to demonstrate conduct appropriate for high school activities at all times. The Medford School District’s expectation for positive fan behavior is a higher standard than one would expect to see tolerated at college or professional sports events.
The district assumes that adults understand and will demonstrate general behaviors that are appropriate. However, the following guidelines are presented to ensure a clear understanding of some behaviors that are unacceptable.
Fans may not:

  1. Engage any human beings in an angry or aggressive manner on school property or at school activities. This includes referees, coaches, other fans, parents/guardians, students, or school personnel.
  2. Use swear words or vulgarity on school property or at school activities.
  3. Threaten, verbally or physically, any person including  referees, fans, coaches, players, spectators, or school personnel at any time on school property or at school activities.
  4. Create public displays of anger and/or displeasure.

 Violation of these standards may result in the removal of the fan from school and/or school activity.


  • Any citizen who has a concern or complaint may express that concern or complaint to school administrators. It is strongly recommended that complaints and concerns not be expressed in public places such as games and/or other activities.
  • The best place to express a concern or complaint is  during a meeting with school officials called specifically to hear the concern or complaint.
  • It is important that concerns or complaints be expressed in a calm, understandable and specific manner.
  • School officials will listen carefully and paraphrase the concern or complaint to be sure they have correctly heard the concern of complaint.
  • Once it is agreed that the school official has accurately heard the concern or complaint, they will discuss the options for resolving or easing the concern or complaint. Such options will be in compliance with standard policies and procedures.
  • If a problem is something that could and should be worked on at the school level, the administrator will make  every effort to achieve improvement and inform the concerned citizen.
  • If a concern or complaint revolves around the ongoing policy, practice, or procedure, the citizen will need to accept that school administrators are not authorized to make such changes but will further discuss the matter with the Director of Secondary Education.
  • Coaches and school athletic directors are encouraged to meet with parents/guardians and students prior to each season to answer questions, hear concerns, and define the operating procedures of the program. They are further encouraged to meet with parents/guardians whenever they or the parents/guardians feel a need for such a meeting either individually or as a group.
  • Administration and/or athletic directors should follow up any meetings with a letter or phone call to ensure that the student or parent/guardian acknowledge they have heard and understand the action that has taken place.


The Medford School District expects that all parties will use the best possible adult problem-solving behaviors in resolving issues. The resolution of all problems will be governed by state law, district policy, and the routines and procedures established in the coaches’ handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and other district/school routines and procedures. Below are the guidelines we expect all parties (students, parents/guardians, coaches, and administration) to abide by when resolving problems.


  1. Do not confront in an angry, aggressive manner.
  2. Do not make personal attacks.
  3. Concentrate and focus on the issues.
  4. Discuss concerns in private meetings.
  5. Attend meetings with a problem-solving attitude.
  6. Respect others’ roles, responsibilities, and decision-making rights within their defined roles.
Medford School District 549C has set up the following procedure for problem-solving issues. It should be anticipated that each step will take two to three days.


  1. The coach and student athlete meet with informal, verbal communication.
  2. The coach, student athlete, and parent/guardian meet. If a resolution cannot be made, the coach will advise the athlete and parent/guardian to advance to Step 3.
  3. The head coach, the coach, the student, and the parent/guardian meet. If the issue cannot be resolved, the head coach will advise the athlete and the parent/guardian to advance to Step 4.
  4. The athletic director, coach, student, and parent/guardian will meet. The athletic director will gather information and determine the blocking point.                                                                                                                The athletic director will:  1. Talk to all parties independently, 2. Ask for observations from others. 3. Meet with all parties to resolve issues.  
  5. The athletic director, coach, student athlete, parent/guardian will appeal to the school administration. The principal will work to resolve the issue (s). 


It is the belief of the Medford School District that participation in athletics, clubs, and school activities is a privilege extended to students. Students involved with athletics, clubs and school activities are to be responsible representatives of their school and their community. Prior to participation in athletics, clubs, and school activities, the student, parent(s) or guardian are required to sign a form to ensure their reading and understanding of the Extracurricular Code of Conduct.
All students representing North Medford High School, South Medford High School, Hedrick Middle School, McLoughlin Middle School, and Ruch School must comply with the standards of conduct listed in the board policy and school's handbook. This policy is a minimum conduct standard. Coaches and advisors may add additional expectations specific to their activity, within district standards and with administrative approval at the building. Participation in treatment programs may be considered in the administration of this procedure.
Violation of the law or violation of the rules may result in disciplinary action, even if the misconduct occurs at times/places other that on- campus or during school activities. If the superintendent or his/her designee determines either by a preponderance of symptoms or by reasonable evidence that a student involved in athletics, clubs and school activities is using alcohol, illegal drugs or other controlled substances, the district may require the student to be tested immediately at the parent, guardian or student's expense and submit the results to the district as a condition of participation. A positive test shall cause the student to receive consequences as specified in the school's student handbook and the district's Extracurricular Code of Conduct.

Use, Possession, Distribution, or Sale of Alcohol or Other Drugs
Participants will not use, possess, sell or distribute alcohol, other drugs, drug paraphernalia, or items purported to be drugs at school-sponsored activities, school-related activities or at any student gathering under the auspices of any   local, state, or national student or school organization or at any other time, including evenings, weekends, and holidays during the entire term of the activity from the official starting date established by the Oregon School Activities Association or the district or the school as the case may be, until the final date of the activity in which the participant is involved. In addition to the disciplinary penalties in section one of the Disciplinary Procedures For Controlled Substances Including Alcohol, Other Mind-Altering Drugs And Tobacco, the Student will be subject to the following penalties. Students who are involved in athletics, clubs and school activities and who violate the district's policies on the use, possession, transport, distribution and/or sale of a controlled sub- stance including alcohol and other mind altering drugs will be suspended from participation in any athletic, club or activity for a minimum of 15 school days and may be removed from athletic, club or school activity participation for an extended time depending on the circumstances surrounding their violation of the policy.
A second violation during the same school year may:

1. Require a suspension of all extracurricular activity including practice for 20 school days or,

2. Be removed from the team for the remainder of the season or,

3. Lose the athletic privilege for the remainder of the school year.

4. Application of school discipline and consequences. 

Use, Possess ion, Distribution, or Sale of Tobacco
Student participants who are using, possessing, distributing, or selling tobacco will receive the following penalty.
1st Violation
  • The student will not participate in any athletic, club or school activity for a period of three school days.
2nd Violation
  • The student will not participate in any athletic, club, or school activity for 20 school days or the remainder of the season if they are on a sports team. For students involved in other school activities, the student will be removed from the activity for 20 school days or the remainder of the nine weeks. The student will also not be allowed to practice or participate with the team or group during this period.
Extracurricular penalties are cumulative during the school year. For example, in the event that a student who has received a prior extra-curricular penalty during the school year also receives a penalty during another extracurricular activity in the same school year, he/she will enter the current extracurricular penalty at the next violation level. This is inclusive of all personal conduct rules including those established by the coach.
Additional Regulations
The coach or activities sponsor may have additional regulations which will be defined in writing to the participation student. These policies will be subject to the approval of the administration and supported and enforced by the same.
Letter Awards
The head coach or activity supervisor, with approval of the school’s administration, will determine standards and requirements to be met for receiving letter awards or certificates of participation.
A student must attend school all day prior to the athletic contest and must attend all day after participating. If the student misses a day or part of these days, he/she will not be eligible to participate in the next scheduled contest unless cleared by the principal or his/her designee.
If a student is suspended from school, he/she cannot participate in a practice, contest, or activity during the period of suspension.
Drop-Outs of a Sport
a. An athlete dropping out of one sport shall not be allowed to participate or practice in another sport           that sport season without the consent of the coaches.
b. An athlete cut from a sport program may turn out for another sport during that sport season.
c. A student dropped from a sport for disciplinary reasons may not participate in another sport for the         remainder of the season which he/she dropped.
A student, parent or legal guardian will be financially responsible for:
a. Theft from or vandalism to school property by named student.
b. Theft from or vandalism to private property (motel rooms, restaurants, etc.) by named student.
    There will be no award or participation until financial obligations are met.

All athletic trips are taken in district-provided vehicles. Students will ride to the contest in transportation provided by the district. Any exceptions MUST have prior approval from the principal or the building athletic director. Students will return to the school with eh traveling group unless excused by the coach. A coach may grant permission to leave the traveling group only with a verified written request by the parent or guardian. Athletes are not allowed to return home with other students driving the vehicle.
*Participation Fee Refund:
If an athlete is injured and can no longer participate because of the injury, the family may appeal to the athletic director for a partial or full refund. If an athlete quits the team or becomes ineligible to participate, the participation fee will not be refunded.
Secondary Athletics
Medford School District
815 S. Oakdale Avenue
Medford, OR 97501
Revised August 2014






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  Medford School District Extra Curricular Code of Conduct

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Medford School District 549C Mission Statement
We are a high quality teaching and learning organization dedicated to preparing all students to graduate
with a sound educational foundation, ready to succeed in post-secondary education, and to be contributing community members.

Medford Public Schools 549C recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society and our community.
It is the policy of the Medford School Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
For District Federal Title Program compliance, please contact the Office of Federal Programs: (541) 842-3633
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