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2011 OSEA Budget Negotiations

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2011 OSEA Budget Deficit Negotiations

Below is a brief timeline with supporting documents about the 2011 negotiation with OSEA, Chapter 15. The reason there was a mid-contract negotiation was due to the Oregon economy and the inability of the state to fund the district contract obligations. Under the collective bargaining agreement with OSEA and under the Oregon Revised Statute 243.698, a contract can be opened for an item under expedited bargaining. At the end of which, the district may implement its last offer in order to resolve the financial deficit.

On August 9, 2011, the OSEA tentatively agreed to a resolution that would have resulted in a universal wage reduction like what the administrators had already agreed to as well as keep staff working. The OSEA voted against this agreement on August 29, 2011. Through a series of proposals and labor discussions in the fall of 2011, both parties could not agree on another memorandum of agreement and on October 30, 2011, the timelines for expedited bargaining expired which required the District to implement, according to the statute, in order to balance its budget and keep staff working.

On November1, 2011, the Medford School District implement the last proposal which was very similar to the original agreement from August 9. This wage change resulted in a comparable reduction as all of the employees had already elected to do in order to resolve the state revenue shortfall.

May 31 District gave OSEA notice of intent to bargain
June 1 Bargaining Session
July 7 Bargaining Session
August 9
Bargaining Session—Tentative Agreement over District proposal
  • Six percent employee PERS pick up
  • Acceptance of District insurance program including Plan 500
  • No furlough days
  • District will cover remaining $500,000 of deficit
August 29 OSEA members rejected Tentative Agreement Memorandum of Agreement terms
August 31 Bargaining Session—see notes
September 8 Bargaining Session - Union proposed two separate Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
  • MOA # 1 – Tentative Agreement
    • Acceptance of District insurance program including Plan 500
  • MOA # 2 – School Board will need to review
    • Reduction of 7-10 non-instructional working days (with employee exemptions)
    • Approximate savings of $261,000
    • District would have to cover remaining $988,000 deficit
September 13 Union voted to accept MOA #1
  • District insurance program including Plan 500
September 28 Bargaining Session—see notes
October 3 School Board rejects MOA #2
October 11 Bargaining Session: OSEA drafts a new MOA—see notes
  • Reduction of five non-instructional working days (with employee exemptions)
    • Approximately $160,000 in savings
  • 6% PERS Pickup from January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012
    • With exemptions for 45% of OSEA members
    • $309,000 approximate savings
    • District picks up remaining deficit of approximately $781,000
October 17 School Board rejects OSEA revised proposal
October 18 Bargaining Session —see notes
  • District Proposal
  • Six percent employee PERS pickup for all eligible employees beginning January 1, 2012
  • Three percent wage reduction beginning July 1, 2011
  • District will cover remaining $500,000 deficit
October 26 Bargaining Session—see notes
October 29 Marks the end of the 150 day Expedited Bargaining period
October 30 Unless the parties each ratify a proposal, the District must implement its last good faith offer to resolve the budget deficit

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